A couple of useful links

I’ve been working my way through HTML, XHTML & CSS for Dummies which is all very HTML, XHTML & CSS for Dummies book coverexciting. It’s early stages at the moment, so most of what it’s told me so far isn’t new (apart from the fact that in XTML, empty elements must end with a slash before the closing greater than symbol and there should be a space before the slash like this <tag />).

Anyway, the book has a habit of mentioning useful links without really explaining them or drawing any attention to them. One such link is http://validator.w3.org. This is a free markup validation service which will highlight any errors or issues with your markup. (You can get it to check any webpage and it’s actually quite fun putting some of your favourite sites in and seeing how many errors they come back with!).

The other link is nothing to do with the book, it’s just a site I’ve come across and thought was cool. The site is Dynamic Drive and contains loads of free and very useful HTML, CSS and Javascript for you to use on your own site. I used one of the free scripts for the image slideshow on my photography website. It’s a great place to go for calendars, galleries, scrollers, menus, tooltips, forms… the list goes on.

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