Researching tags

I have been using Mozilla Developer Network HTML reference to research a few common HTML tags and try and describe their functions. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Defines a division or section in a document. It can group block-elements together making it easier to style them.

This indicates an extended quotation, usually indented.

Defines a paragraph. Browsers add space before and after a paragraph.

Ordered list where the ordering of the items is important (eg. Placings in a race)

An unordered list of terms marked with bullet points (which can be defined using CSS).

Defines each item in a list (the list can be ordered or unordered).

A section of a page which has navigational links to another page or parts of a page.

An unordered list of menu choices or commands.

A generic container very like <div> used to group elements and define a section in a document. It differs from <div> in that it is an inline element.

Represents the time (in 24 hour clock) or the date.

A short inline quotation.

An image.

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3 Responses to Researching tags

  1. iamcorbin says:

    Nice Post! I just reviewed your badge submission on P2PU for it. I have gone through all the challenges for Webmaking 101 as well if you would like to check them out:

  2. bluemackerel says:

    Thanks very much for reviewing my submission – very kind of you! I enjoyed looking at your blog. How long did it take you to complete all the challenges for Webmaking 101?

  3. TerraMeijar says:

    i totally forgot that i was put this post up as well. I just visited the Mozilla Dev site and read on the tags…your post has just reminded me about what I’m supposed to do. I’ll put up my post in a few minutes. Thanks

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