I hate my handwriting!

The next task after setting up a blog for the Webmaking 101 course is to write out some Handwritten HTML codecode by hand. This is the first time I’ve done this and I have to say that, even though I hate my handwriting, I found it a pretty rewarding experience.

One of my frustrations with HTML is that I’ve got a pretty bad memory and it just doesn’t seem to stick in my brain, so I’m constantly referring to cheat sheets when I could work a lot faster by knowing the code off by heart.

It’s a well known fact that writing things down  – preferably lots of times – helps to embed them in the memory and I found that writing out the HTML by hand helped it to start to sink in. There’s a long way to go, but I feel like I’m starting to get to grips with the structure of an HTML document.

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11 Responses to I hate my handwriting!

  1. thedeveloperdeveloper says:

    Looks good to me. My memory is not so good too. What helps me is to keep a sketch notebook. I’m a visual learner and doodling really helps to retain stuff. I dunno if you like to draw but you can check out http://rohdesign.com/sketchnotes/ for some sketchnote inspiration.

    • bluemackerel says:

      Thanks for that. Your sketching is amazing! I’m very visual too, but lack any ability to draw which is a bit of a pain!

  2. You got nice handwriting, remarkably straight for not having any grid! Nice post!

  3. bavovna says:

    your code is just perfect! 🙂

  4. iihhii says:

    yep – is good and looks pretty nice 🙂

  5. totally agree, not good memory here either. good hand writing 🙂

  6. LunatiCat says:

    Hi, I just started the class so I wanted to say “hello”. Code looks good and hand writing is just fine : ). Has the class met your expectations so far? any advice?

    Here is my blog: http://luciferseyeforcolor.blogspot.com/


  7. willwcb says:

    Man, you did a good job getting the indentation right, mine looks like a big ol hodge podge of craziness. anyways, keep chuckin, looks like your doin well 🙂 This p2pU is making people seem much nicer than they do in public so i must tell you I love you! I love you all!

  8. Very good. You have good handwriting and your comments are very true – writing things down helps train our memory.

    Well done, excellent stuff!

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